Installing the RX

The electronics are very straightforward on this build, largely because there is no OSD and the FPV gear is together on a tray.

One thing about the Extra is that it comes from the factory with a Spektrum RX. One of the first lessons of FPV is "Don't fly Spektrum." This can be fixed pretty easily, simply by changing to a FrSky RX. I decided to mount mine on top of the spine so that the antennae would stick way out in the clear.

First step was to mark the cut.

After that, cut? No!

First, get distracted by getting the antenna tubes ready. Cut a notch in the side for inserting the antenna, but leave enough space on the end of the tube to stick it into the foam. To increase stab-ability, it helps to cut a point onto the tube.

The most important step of the entire build is next: Pour yourself something to drink. In this case, Yamazaki 12.

Feel better now? I do. 

Finish the RX mounting by cutting the outline from above. Then, stab the antenna tubes into the foam, remove, fill the holes with hot glue, and then put the tubes back in. Remember to keep the notches facing the right way.

The next step, not shown, is to use a razor and make slices from the tube bases to the little bonus pocket in the cutout.

After that, carefully feed the antennae through the tubes, put a glob of hot glue on the foam, then smash the RX onto the glue and use the handle of the razor blade to push the antennae into the two slots you just cut. End result should be something like this:

Boom. Almost ready to start comin' in hot!


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