3D Printed Accessory Mount

In order to make mounting the FPV gear clean[ish] and easy, I tossed the factory canopy aside and replaced it with a 3D printed accessory tray mount that I designed. Download the files from here (coming soon) and print them out.

After printing, use the 10-24 tap to thread the holes in the frame, and the 4-40 tap to thread the holes in the two trays.

If you can't figure out how to mount the frame, there isn't much a couple of pics will be able to help with. Regardless, use a bunch of a hot glue and then hopefully you'll have something like this at the end:


Next up is to build up the FPV pod. As usual, pretty simple stuff. The vTX goes in the rear position. Just hot glue it to the tray and then srew the tray down to the pod. While you're at it, screw the two GoPro mounts down in front as well.


And now, the GoPro. Mini frame snaps around the camera, and then the whole thing mounts with a twist & lock. I don't usually toot my own horn, but I think it's pretty cool.

To finish, just screw the whole pod down to the frame. 4x 10-24 screws with 4x washers. Be careful not to overtorque these - the threads in the frame aren't extremely strong, but they also don't need to be in order to handle the forces in the air.

What's next?


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