Nitroplanes 900mm Popwing build for FPV

Just a simple PopWing for some not too distant FPV.
The goals for this build are to set up a PopWing, or Techsumo, for some fun easy FPV. It's not goint to be a built for distance or speed, just some relaxing fun.

BOM: (work in progress)

 900mm Popwing
 Turnigy 2826-6 2200kva motor
 7x6 prop 6x4 prop (not final)
 Turnigy Plush 30A ESC
 FrSky RX either DB-II Plus or D8-II-XP
 Turnigy servos
 1300(ish)mah Battery

 Mobius HD

 Flight Control/OSD:

 APM 2.?? running APM:Plane 3.2
 ??? GPS

I wasn't going to do a flight controller at first, I was just going to add a stabilizer like a Guardian or a Orangerx Stabilizer, but since I noticed that there were 'clone' APM boards for under $100, I figured I would just go that route. And with the addition of some features in APM:PLane 3.2, I decided that was the one to use. Even though the PopWing may be too small for some of these features, the option for the future is there, and I can get used to APM:Plane



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