Front Panel

Front Panel

Get started by printing the front panel. On a Fortus 250, the print takes about 24hrs, so be patient.

At this point, the front panel isn't quite ready for use. The white support material needs to be removed. I recommend a #17 and #18 Xacto chisel blade for most of it, and a flat tipped circular punch is pretty useful as well. After the support material has been removed, the holes need to be tapped. They're all #10-24. Use a bottoming tap and just go until you feel the tap bottom on the blind holes or goes through the rest of them. Remember to be gentle - it doesn't take too much overshoot to gut the hole.

With the holes all tapped, you can install the XT60 panel mounts. No magic here, just put into the hole, put on the backing plate, and then tighten the screws that it comes with.

At this point, the front panel is ready to have the switches installed. No real magic here either. The toggles are pressed in while the rotary switch gets sandwiched with the included nut, and then the switch body is attached from the back side.

After the switches are in, attach the battery carriers using two pairs of #10-24 screws. The mounts are symmetric, so put the carrier on in the orientation you prefer and you can always reverse it later.

The color of the logo is done as its own print:

The logo fits into the empty cavities on the front panel. It is, nominally, a line fit, so bit of encouragement via hammer may be required. If it's a snug enough fit, then no glue will be required to hold it in place.

Last step, drop in the voltmeters and then take a step back to admire your work. With everything installed and the battery carriers mounted, you should be looking at something like the front panel here:


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