3D Printed Ground Station

I designed and built a 3D printed ground station which can be created using a printer with an 8"x8" build area, such as a StrataSys Dimension 768 or Fortus 250. What follows is the build log with a bunch of pics, details, and, of course, the BOM.

While the original intent was for this to be a precursor to a larger ground station design which incorporates a more complete set of equipment, I've decided to run this setup for a while to see how things shake out. Both native SolidWorks files and STLs are available for download and can be found posted in BOM.

The feature list for this ground station is fairly simple. Inside, there is an ImmersionRC PowerBox which provides the power splitting, management, and filtering, plus the video amplification, filtering, and splitting. Externally, there are a pair of batteries with matching voltmeters, 3 sets of video outputs, and, as an added bonus, illuminated switches which toggle the 4 sets of power outputs.

The back panel looks like a bit of a mess with all of the plugs, but the grid truly is fairly straightforward. Due to the lack of consistency in miniplug layouts, it is important that the outputs have been split into Video/AudioL/AudioR jacks. This allows for any equipment to be hooked up without having to worry about compatibility - just match the colors.

The following pages in this build log go over the bill of materials as well as how to make the required harnesses and wire the whole thing up.

If you decide to do the same build, let me know how it goes. I'm eager to hear what, if any, modifications you made to smooth things out and make it your own.

Build on!


ground station

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