Quanum Trifecta

(Please note this is a work in progress)

Here's the parts list for this build:

  • Quanum Trifecta mini tricopter
  • EMAX 2204 2300 kv motors
  • Naze32
  • HQ 6x4 and 7x3 props
  • Corona 939 MG Servo
  • Hobbyking Blue Series 12A flashed with SimonK BS_NFET.hex latest (2014-09)

Testing motor direction (atmel chip side up/looking at bottom of motor).  These connections spin counter clockwise

  • Top (Y) - Top
  • Middle (B) - Middle
  • Bottom(R) - Bottom wire

Leaving the above as a note for myself

* Note - Blueseries ESCs are too large to fit in the tail - but they're all they had on hand, so I removed the motor leads, removed the PDB and relocated the ESC to the PDB bay instead.  This will throw off the cg a hair but nothing too bad.

* Grab teflon tape and throw a square over the servo gear then press the provided gear down on that.  That will ensure a nice tight fight.


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