Brain mPB


Before we connect anything to the mPB, we should solder on the connectors which will bridge it to the RE1. To make sure the ends of the two connectors are aligned appropriately, assemble the two parts using the included spacers. Because the hardware is nylon, I recommend leaving out the screws near the two spots where we will be soldering. Nylon is heat-resistant, but not that heat-resistant.

Before we solder, we flux. I think you will find that fluxing makes everything easier.

Now disassemble your Brain Sandwich™ and make a solder bridge on the two pads on the RE1 corresponding to the supply voltage which is appropriate for your RX. Most will be 5V. The one in this build is 5V. I didn't take any pictures of this. Sorry.

Grab four button head screws and four nylon nuts from the hardware kit. Stick them through the mounting holes in the frame and tighten. This will serve two purposes: 1) the nuts work well as spacers to keep the mPB off of the baseplate; and 2) the screws make nice posts for holding the mPB in place while we work.

Remember how we cut the motor wires to length for the ESCs? Now we do the same thing for the power leads to the ESCs. The mPB is really well designed, so it has a lot of copper in it. A side effect of all of this copper is that it can be a little difficult to get solder to flow if your iron isn't very powerful. It can also be extra annoying if you don't tin the pads first.

For the front ESCs, put in the top plate standoffs and route the wires around these.

Don't forget to take a moment to admire the mess you're making.


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