How to Upgrade your Naze32 Acro to a Full Funfly Naze32

(please note this is a work in progress)

First let's go shopping.

* Optionally, you can buy the 64mb chip and with some creative bending, be able to solder it into the footprint of the 16mb chip.

Supported chip(s) in Cleanflight (ie not supported in Baseflight unless you edit the compatibility list to include your chip's unique Manufacturer's ID:

Here's the component layout:


Next let's take a look at some of the tools we need for this project.

  • Hot air reflow station
  • Solder paste
  • SMT Soldering Tip
  • USB Microscope or Stereo Microscope

A note on technique

The goal of this project and the approach I've taken to accomplishing this was done in such a way to ensure others could replicate it.  In other words, there's no point in using exotic tools or hardware to do this if no one but a psychotic few would even dare try it.  I took on this project after a year of working around SMD components so I'm very comfortable behind the station, but for someone new to the skill, I would highly encourage you to practice on trash boards and trash components before working on your live board.

There is a HIGH PROBABILITY that you could DESTROY your board if you don't follow some common sense precautions, so consider yourself warned.  Obviously, we take no responsibility in the event you are unsuccessful in this operation, but with a little bit of practice and a lot of patience, you should have no issues undertaking this project.

Overview of the operation

Pre-tinning and reflowing

Applying solder paste

Inspecting the board


I'd love to see this complete. I've been thinking of doing it to my acro board for a while.

I would personally love to do this with my board, and I have all of the tools required. Please complete!


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But seriously, just email us. We're very friendly hobbyists who want to help you out.


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