Build your own 32chan 600mw 5.8 for about $25

*will add pictures later.

I just put together a ~$25 600mw 32ch 5.8 video TX. Initial bench testing shows it plays nice with my immersion and FR632 RX's. You basically order the module from bangood and some other components (step down regulator, sma connector, dip switches) and solder it together which is probably about medium difficulty and should take you less than an hour. It actually only took me about 20 minutes and i was digging for connectors. This is less of a build log than a parts list.

(if you want this very same module pre-built and ready to go for $34 it's available here from banggood)

Parts List
Items listed at current price with free shipping. Free shipping takes about 7-10 days from china to eastern US for me.

-Blue Sky 32chan 600mw 5.8 video transmitter module $20.99 (

-Edge mount SMA PCB connector Female $1.19 (
Can be found on ebay in lots for about the same price

-Mini adjustable step down buck regulator $1.59 (
This is the same board bangood uses on it's 3a BEC, they simly remove pentometer. I find these actually have OK filtering to use in a video system. You will need to adjust this on the bench to get your desired output voltage, then apply some glue (hot glue or CA) to the pentometer to ensure it doesnt move. These little regulators are awesome I use them for all sorts of projects, so I recommend buying them in bulk for about 70cents. You can also find them on ebay from US sellers.
Here is an even smaller version of this type of regulator for about $1 per peice (I'd buy this)

-6 Pos 12 pin 1.27mm dip switch ~$.80 (5 pack for $4.61) (
The module actually requires 5 pos dip switch but I couldnt find one, this will work. In fact I'm using a 4 pos I took off of a broken imersion vtx

-Optional Heat Sink (
This unit puts out a little heat. In air flow i dont see being an issue but maybe a heat sink on the metal side of the module would help. This one should fit.


Looks good. Might have to try one of these out.

Is there a pre made PCB that can hold these components?



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