Front Panel - Toggle Wiring

The majority of the build time and time spent doing wiring is spent on making the wiring harnesses that run from the PowerBox to the component switches on the front panel. 

Remember the two-wire barrel connectors from the BOM? Start with one of those.

Next step is to cut it down to length and the split and strip the ends. If you put the PowerBox and switches in place, you can check the length and custom cut each one to be exactly the right length for the switch. This is what I did and I recommend doing the same, as shorter cables help reduce wiring clutter.

Cut two lengths of wire, each roughly 2" long, a third that is 4-6" long, and strip all ends. This is a good time to add color coding since the markings on the two-wire cable can be difficult to see sometimes. After stripping the ends, twist one of each to the respective end of the cable and tin it. Tinning the ends makes a big difference with the crimp (next step).

With the ends of the wires prepped, grab four of the female blade connectors, crimp one on to the two ends of the two-lead cable and the 2" wires, and then shrink the insulation on all connectors.

The blade connectors end up going onto the male blades of the toggle switches. They can be a bit of a PITA to take off, however, so let's not do that quite yet.

Repeat the steps above for each of the four toggle switches.


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