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The main power switch is essentially two unique switches with a common actuator, plus an LED which is independent from the whole thing. I went a bit overboard (because too much is always just enough), so I ganged a pair of switches off of each of the switch bays so that both wires on each battery are switched. To be perfectly honest, there isn't huge benefit to doing it like this aside from the fact that I never trust my own work and it makes me sleep better knowing that when the rotary switch is turned to OFF, both batteries are fully open.

Let's get started with the power leads. Grab one of the remaining 2-lead barrel connector cables. From the end opposite the connector, cut off about 5" (again, test fit with the components in place), then split and strip both ends. Solder on an XT60 connector. Don't forget the heat shrink - remember, these two wires are directly connected to the battery with no fuse and no regulator. A short here would be devastating.

Grab one of the XT60 panel mounts and put the XT60 connector into it. I recommend using both set screws to hold it in place, as these connections can sometimes require a decent amount of force to undo and it is a real pain to fix a connector that has been pushed through. Run the wires through the hole on the side of the front panel, then use the rest of the XT60 parts to install the mount on the side of the front panel. Hopefully, for your sake, you have small fingers. 

Take one end of the XT60 cable and attach it to the first gang of the switch. #ganglife Take the other end of the two-lead barrel cable, cut it down after a test fit, then split and strip. One end goes into the other side of the first gang.

Snap the other switch into place and connect the wires.

Repeat the steps above for the other side.

Next up are the voltmeters. First, plug them into a power supply to verify that they're ready correctly. One is dead-on, the other is low by only 0.04v. That's close enough for me.

Disconnect them from the power supply, mount them in the front panel, and then add the wires to their respective outputs on the main power switch. You might want to do this one at a time, testing after each one, to ensure that you wire them to the correct side.

The LED for the main power switch is simple (and I don't have a pic). Use a 2" piece of wire and a 4" piece of wire to connect it to the output of the gangs for Battery #1 (the left one when you're looking at the GS from the front). Check the polarity, otherwise the LED won't light.


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