Dronekraft Mach300GT Build -Part III

Made some decent progress this weekend:

Motor's looking pretty!

Current sensor installed. It's a 90A attopilot clone i got off of ebay.

Of course a couple of the motors were running the wrong direction after I installed them, but these Rotorgeek 12A ESCs are running BLHeli firmware and come with a flashing lead installed. Hooked up the flashing tool and reversed the motor direction. Problem solved and I didn't have to resolder anything. Nice.

Trying to make this really very neat. I'm going to be running 4s, so I'll need some sort of step-down as well as an LC filter for the video. Came across the Atasphere power distro board. While the Mach already has power distribution built into the PCB, this has the same footprint as the Brain and PowerTower, and will filter the power while it steps it down to 12v and 5v. Also has inputs for camera, VTX and OSD. Should make wiring simpler and neater.

Looking good!

January 18th Update:

Almost there...

All the electronics are in place. Voltage/current sensor is working and the Brain is working great after a few hiccups with the GCS. Very happy I decided to use the power distro board. Made wiring up the camera and vtx very easy and kept everything neat. Thinking I'm going to want to re-orient the Brain, since right now the USB port is facing forward and will be a PIA to plug into. I had made all the wiring just long enough and didnt give myself much room to play, so this will have to wait.

Just need to get RSSI working, figure out where i'm going to mount the vtx and maiden this baby.

February 16th Update:

Wow, it's been almost a month since the last update. Guess i've been busy.

Finally got to put the finishing touches on the Mach over the weekend and also set-up the Brain. Everything seems to be working great, however the current/voltage sensor i installed isnt giving me back a proper reading, so i'll have to dig more into that.

3D-printed a custom case for the Brain:

Now the wait for some decent flying weather here in New York, and I can put it through its paces.


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