3D Printed Groundstation Beta 2

Did some updates to my 3D printed ground station. 


As it turns out, being stuck with an 8x8" build space is pretty limiting, plus today's components aren't designed for use inside of another box. As a result of the latter, I've shelved the idea of putting the radio components on removable carriers and instead have moved to mounting them on the back.

Of course, due to the 8x8 limitation, there isn't space to mount an Immersion Duo alongside of my 1.3 RX. So, for this beta version, I've trimmed down to having only the Duo as my vRX. The next gen will be more complete on that front.

Other changes from the last beta are the addition of the two voltmeters, and the battery carriers have been flipped 180deg so they no longer fight gravity.

In the pics below, the empty cutouts on the front are for the two voltmeters. On the back, the labeled cutouts are for the 4 video/audio/power outputs. The unlabeled cutouts are for the Duo's connections to the PowerBox inside. The square with the hole in it is for the tripod mount. The two loops are for wrapping cables around.

The next version is going to be wider. I'll do a combo of 3D printed bits with CNC routed (via bribe to an unlucky NEFPV member) front and back panels. That one will have both 1.3 and 5.8, plus a few bonuses.

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