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OK, here we go.  Off to CFL meet in Leesburg, FL!  Should be epic.  Including the solo 20hr ride...

I am bringing the entire shop except for big planes.  well except for the RMRC Nighthunter which will maiden there.  But I have 20+ planes and some multirotors, and a rented plain white panel van.

WillM's first Blog entry

This is WillM's first blog entry on  Is this thing on? worked!

Popwing FPV build

I have been procrastinating like crazy with this build, and as a result the goal have been a moving target. First it was just going to be a simple 'naked' FPV build, No OSD, no flight control, no stabilizer. That lasted a few weeks as I tried to find time to build the wing. I bounced back and forth with using just a basic stabilizer, like the Orangerx stabilizer or no stabilizer . I even toyed with the idea of just building this as a LOS model, but then I was sure I would only fly it two or three times before it would go under the knife for the FPV gear.



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