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Fall Feat Meet


Registration for the NEFPV Autumn 2016 Feat Meet is now OPEN! 

Head over to FeatMeet.com for the latest info and register. It's going to be EPIC!

Backpack Groundstation Build

NAFPV 2016


TBRC, Altitude RC, FPV Quebec and FPV Montreal, proudly present the 6th Annual North American FPV Meet!

In the tradition of a true continental FPV Meet, NAFPV 2016 will be hosted in Montreal for the sixth iteration of this fantastic tradition… We are aiming high and hope that you will come join us to fly or just be part of one of the most awesome FPV gathering in North America! Last year, the event was held in New York by the NEFPV folks!

Parkzone Extra 300 6S FPV Build

My very first RC airplane was the venerable HobbyZone Champ. It was a high-wing trainer which almost literally could fly itself. I loved it, my friend crashed it into my face, but I wished it could roll, flip, and do more exciting maneuvers a bit more gracefully. Next up was a Parkzone Ultramicro Mustang. It flipped well, it rolled well, it was much faster than the Champ, and I loved it. But the dihedral in the wing made it tough to fly inverted, and the size meant it struggled to carry even just a stripped down pen cam.

NEFPV Spec RaceWing

The NEFPV SpecWing is made from 1/4" foam board covered with contact paper.  Very fun to fly, whether tooling around or racing.  Lots of speed and tracks well.

DIY Video Power Filter Circuit

Here's a basic L-C power-filtering circuit for FPV setups that is cheap and easy to build.  The amperage (A) rating of the 1000uH coil should be at least twice the needed current so that there's not too much of a voltage drop across the coil.

Here is a parts list:

3D Printed Groundstation Beta 2

Did some updates to my 3D printed ground station. 


As it turns out, being stuck with an 8x8" build space is pretty limiting, plus today's components aren't designed for use inside of another box. As a result of the latter, I've shelved the idea of putting the radio components on removable carriers and instead have moved to mounting them on the back.


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